Sarah Pell Artist / Vocal coach / Singing and dancing teacher



“I go where the wind blows, living with the desire to develop my career as an artist, singing and dancing teacher and vocal coach …”





My little story …

“My artistic career starts from my earliest childhood at The Music and Movement Association, in Angers, with primary musical education, music theory and piano. Accompany my mother to the choir and various singing-acting representations lulls me into the world of showbusiness. I then play two musical shows that give me a taste for the stage.


At 13, I ask to attend private singing lessons with Marie-Christine Lepage. For seven years, these lessons and stage performances have helped me to develop my voice, my being, my personality and my artistic passions. At 15, I am part of a modern-jazz dance class for two years where I also discover traditional African dance .


LondresAfter my degree in communication and a short period of life in London, I move into the International Musical Academy in Paris (AICOM). My three favorite disciplines are taught, namely singing, dancing and acting. As part of this training, I perform in several shows, flashmobs and events.

Afterwards, I play several times on stage in Paris and at Avignon Festival in 2013 as an actress and dancer (Afro-urban dances).


The same year I discover CV&C method (Singing, Voice and Body) developed by the very talented physiotherapist and singing teacher Emmanuelle Trinquesse.banniereCVC Based on vocal health and body listening, bringing together several International vocal techniques that can adapt to all musical styles, this method offers the answer to my questions.

I thus decide to take the singing teacher and vocal technique training with Emmanuelle for one year. In addition to my training, I attend a workshop of the American Tom Burke in July 2014 to work deeper on US resonance.


In parallel to the singing lessons that I give in my parisian apartment, I continue my acting training with Hervé Claude Ilin and I sometimes assist him in actors directing.


Amsterdam Pays-BasThen I decide to leave Paris and move to the Netherlands in 2015. I arrive with the desire and the idea to develop my career as an artist, singing teacher and vocal coach.CVTbook-uk-cover

In that perspective I meet singers, musicians and CVT singing teachers (Complete Vocal Technique). This gives me the opportunity to work on other techniques.


On another level, I meet Charles Groeneveld, a talented photographer with who I have the pleasure to experience photoshoots sessions.

Glen and Sarah

In October 2015, I meet Glen, a kizomba teacher (Dançamore company). His lessons give me the motivation to learn more about kizomba and few months later I assist him for his


 classes. Kizomba is then part of my daily life and I dedicate myself to it. I go to several festivals in Europe in order to meet other dancers and to take workshops from other teachers.


In 2016-2017 I stop giving lessons with Glen, partner up with Nili Fortes (Rotterdam) and start giving workshops in several countries in Europe. Sometimes with Nili, sometimes with other french dancers, I travel and develop my teaching and dancing skills.



Dakar is my main destination since 2018, I travel back and forth to Senegal where I teach Kizomba on my own to couples and women. I also give singing lessons during summer after I passed my exam again in June 2019. In fact, since 2019, my Vocal Technique and Singing Teacher diploma is now recognized by the State as Title RCNP 2 (BAC +3), I got it in Montpellier before going back to Dakar in July.

During this summer, the school Ecole d’Art Oratoire et de Leadership (EAO), hires me to take part in their oratory training.


Reunion Island invites me to visit its marvel in november 2019. I discover opportunities to develop my art and my profession. There are big chances that new projects will be built there in a near future.


Today, I move around with the desire to learn and share my passion for singing and dancing. I’m always looking for new projects for my personal and professional development…”


“A project around the world awakens to combine my passion for travel to other artistic passions …”



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