Sarah Pell Artist / Vocal coach / Singing and dancing teacher



“Being an actress is an exciting and particular profession where our job is to play to be someone else. Invent a life, a past, a place, a personality, a time and let you live in that imaginary world.”



I love acting since I am little. At the age of 9, I already experimented stage in the musical show Kalil le bien-aimé, directed by Jean-Louis Gonfalone. This first experience was a great revelation and the beginning of my artistic development.

Until now I had the opportunity and the chance to play different characters from different eras, in different historical and social contexts. From Margot Frank, Jewish and hidden in wartime, to Sabrina, Algerian in a Parisian suburb where double cropping disrupts youth. The atmosphere and the stakes change dramatically and make the acting even more interesting.

No matter where I am, I’m always looking for new projects, new challenge that can teach me and make me evolve.


In English, French, with singing or dancing, everything is possible!


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Sarah Zabout ©Charles-Groeneveld

“Behind a camera or on stage, Genesis Pereira / Sarah Zaboutthe interactions are different but the pleasure remains the same. There are so many lives and characters to discover…”



 O poder do amor – Genesis Pereira


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