Sarah Pell Artist / Vocal coach / Singing and dancing teacher




« Dancing makes me feel alive! »




I have been dancing since I’m a child. Small shows at home or at school, I was the first one to create choreographies and jump on stage to move my body! I discovered big stages and flashmobs during my training at the Musical School AICOM in Paris.

My love for African dance made me join Les Ambianceuses company with who I danced afro-urban in the streets in Avignon and on stage in Hééé Mariamou.  Life goes on and I hit on Kizomba in a salsa party….

Since then I breathe and live Kizomba, I started giving lessons in The Netherlands before travelling in Europe and Africa to attend nice festivals and give workshops. I developped several concepts like Feeling Following Styling (for ladies) / Leading (for couples), Sarah & Guests in Rotterdam and I intend to continue wherever I go…

I also want to discover as many dances as I can like recently, Maloya in La Reunion Island!


« Dancing makes me feel alive and vibrate. It’s impossible for me to stop and I’m eager to learn again other dances as soon as I can! »


Kizomba, kuduro, coupé-décalé, azonto, ragga dance hall, afrohouse, salsa, bachata, hip-hop … and many other dances will continue to catch my attention.







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