Sarah Pell Artist / Vocal coach / Singing and dancing teacher

Kizomba teacher


Have you heard about Kizomba but you never danced before?

Guys, would you want to improve your leading skills and get confident?

Ladies, would you like to improve your following skills, your sensuality and body movements?

In general, do you prefer to improve at your own pace?



Well, here is a solution! I give group lessons and private lessons where I’m booked and asked !



Workshops usually last one hour.

We work on a theme, a technical point or on a small choreography adapted to the group level.

The goal here is to learn new elements to work on after. It’s not required to master the steps at the end of the workshop, no pressure!


Since 2016 I’m giving workshops and bootcamps with several partners and alone in Europe and Africa.

Netherlands: – Sarah & Guests in Rotterdam with : Davy (Paris), Azzedine (Paris), Papelini (Anvers), El Cruz (Luxembourg), Galsen (Marseille)

– Latin Weekender with Glen (Rotterdam)

– Amsterdam Kizomba Festival with Nili Fortes (Rotterdam)

– Feeling Following Styling in Rotterdam

Belgium: – Brussels Kizomba Congress with Michael Dongor (Rotterdam)

Spain: – Ibiza Shakes You with Norvin (Netherlands)

Serbia: – Belgrade Sensual Weekend with Nili Fortes

– Belgrade Anniversary with Nili Fortes

Poland: – Sabaki in Torun with Willy Ledoux Dianza (Madrid)

– Sabaki in Torun with Nili Fortes

Sweden: – Vamola in Malmo with Willy Ledoux Dianza

Greece: – Dance Holidays in Kos with Nili Fortes

Tunisia: – Kizomba Holidays Tunisia with Nili Fortes

Germany: – Kizomba Gala Munich Vol 2 with Nili Fortes

– Kizomba Festival Stuttgart with Nili Fortes

France: – The Teacher in Lyon with Heneco (Paris)

Senegal:  – Feeling Following Leading in Dakar

Feeling Following Styling

A concept I created for LADIES ONLY.

During those lessons, bootcamps or workshops, I expose some exercises to execute in couples (ladies together) to help you understand what we should feel when our partner is leading us. I work on specific elements that are important to make you improve and become a light, technical and relaxed follower / dancer.

Here are some videos and pictures of bootcamps I already gave…


Bootcamp Ladies Kizz 16th April

Bootcamp Feeling Following Styling at Villa Kizomba January 22nd 2017



Bootcamp Feeling Following Styling October 6th 2016

Sarah & Guests

A concept I created in Rotterdam where I invited different guests to give workshops with me.

The idea was to bring different dancers from other countries in Rotterdam every month and allow dutch dancers to discover different styles without having to travel.

I organized 5 sessions but then I went to Senegal and my plans changed.


Davy (Paris), Azzedine (Paris), Papelini (Anvers), El Cruz (Luxembourg), Galsen (Marseille)


Private lessons


For who?

– Anyone who wants to go at his own pace without any pressure

– Any woman willing to improve her lady styling or her following

– Any man wanting to improve his leading or work on new steps


What can we work on?

– Body movements, sensuality

– Feeling

– Leading, following

– Rhythm, musicality

– Steps precision, new steps



I care a lot about the feeling and I like to offer exercises adapted to the student that can help him to understand this dance better. It is important to have personal goals when you take private lessons in order for me to have a guide line and a precise idea of what your expectations are.



– French

– English



Lessons last at least 1 hour and can be extended if desired.



Please contact me if you want to know the price of private sessions.




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