Sarah Pell Artist / Vocal coach / Singing and dancing teacher




“I’m too small to be a model… so what?”





My first photoshoot was an eagerly awaited gift from my mother for my 16th birthday. It was with a photographer specialized in vine pictures and still life. I wore his wife’s shoes which were way too big for me and the result was not really convincing, but I enjoyed it a lot !

Sarah Zabout 2009


My second was four years later, for a fashion hairdresser in Angers Richard Rousseau Coiffure..


I then repeated the experience in Paris, as pictures were required for castings. Again, I had great pleasure to pause but I was looking for photos with artistic sense, delivering a message with a staging, a character …


Sarah Zabout ©Charles-Groeneveld


When I arrived in the Netherlands, I contacted Megan Alter, a photographer from New York who gives photography courses in Amsterdam and The Hague. She introduced me to Charles Groeneveld, another photographer, with whom the connection worked easily. From that time, we collaborate on various artistic projects.



I was also a model for one of Megan Alter’s workshops in Amsterdam. I hope I will have many more projects and meet several photographers to explore different worlds, different artistic sensibilities …


If you’re interested to work with me, please contact me !


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