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“Singing is one of my passions but also an art which helped me to open, know and affirm myself.”




Since I have been singing, I was led to discover several styles: french variety, classical, pop, country, blues, soul, french and international musicals… I’m able to sing and appreciate all these different styles. However, I’m mainly a soul and blues singer. These songs touch me, talk to me, feel the most natural and the ones I like to interpret.

Today, I would love to meet and work with musicians and other fans of soul and blues to perform on stage and share my passion.


 “I have a pronounced affinity for African American music of the 60’s, 70’s. Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Nina Simone, inspire me since I was little.”


If you are a musician or a singer, motivated, full of ideas and if you want to work with me on new musical projects, please

feel free to contact me.


“I have a lot to learn and share. I’m open to all styles, projects and music experiences…”



 Here are some recordings of recent years:

People help the people – cover (2014)

(Cover of Birdy – album Birdy)


Turn me on – cover (2013)

(Cover of Norah Jones – album Come away with me)


If you have ideas of songs, don’t hesitate to share them ! 

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