Sarah Pell Artist / Vocal coach / Singing and dancing teacher

Singing teacher

Did you ever dream to sing but you never really dared to?

Do you want to enjoy singing, to understand and free your voice?

Are you willing to find a healthy vocal gesture?

Are you ready to discover the wide possibilities that your voice can offer?



 Here is the answer to your questions … I give singing lessons, vocal technique lessons and coaching sessions for anyone wishing to work on his singing or speaking voice.

Amateurs or professionals, artists or not, we can work together on finding a healthy voice and discover and develop its capabilities and the range of possibilities it offers.


Private singing lessons


For who ?

–        Beginners or professionals singers

–        Amateurs, anyone who loves to sing and wants to find, to discover his voice

–        Actors, musicians, presenters, hosts …

–        Singing teachers, music teachers, voice profesionnals (speech therapists..)

–        Anyone experiencing discomfort, vocal fatigue


 What can we work on ?

–        Release the vocal gesture, find a healthy vocal gesture, singing without hurting

–        Voice locks identification

–        Breathing (release, air stream management)

–        Power, belting

–        Body posture, anchoring, alignment

–        Awakening and release of the body / voice locks

–        Resonance, vocal effects

–        Interpretation

–        Vocal fatigue, voice recovery

–        Stress management

–        Preparation of hearings, presentations, shows

–        Articulation, pronunciation (English, French)

–        Confidence, insurance


Language :

–        English

–        French


Duration :

Lessons last at least 1 hour and can be extended if desired. Continuous or occasional (coaching : audition preparation, voice recovery …), as needed.



Between 30 and 50 € per hour. For more information please contact me.




I offer workshops if you prefer to work in a group on a specific theme.

They can be tailored according to the requests but I can already suggest you a few:


Introduction to the CV&C approach

Presentation of the approach (pedagogy, philosophy)

The 5 spheres of vocal gesture

Bubbles as vocal gesture checkup

Sensations at the heart of vocal gesture

Voice locks discovery

+ Masterclass


From 5 to 8 people (can be divided into several workshops).


Other proposals for workshops to come …

Feel free to contact me for more information.




banniereCVCI’m trained in vocal technique and singing by the CV&C approach (Singing Voice and Body), developed by Emmanuelle Trinquesse. This method is based on various international vocal techniques (CVT, Vocal Process, Estill, …), which uses physiotherapy techniques (Feldenkrais Mezieres …) and voice rehabilitation exercises (Benoît Amy de la Breteque, LaxVox, Resonant Therapy). It places sensations, voice and body health and comfort in priority while working on aesthetics and performance, having fun, exploring and discovering our vocal instrument as a whole. The CV & C teaching method encourages students to be independent and constantly in self-assessment. Teachers’ tastes are not taken into consideration, the teacher is there to guide and not to dictate.


I continue to attend trainings specifically in international techniques such as CVT, to deal with resonance and vocal effects in depth. Also coming from musicals and theatre world, I attach great importance to interpretation within the meaning of the text and the character. We can make simulations, drama exercises, play roles … all depending on your objectives.

I can thus adapt course content according to anyone’s needs, desires and goals. I enjoy working in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with people motivated to move forward.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to arrange a first meeting!


To learn more about the CV&C approach, click here



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